Jingle Bell Flower Ornament

Jingle Bell Flower OrnamentWhat a cute look for a Christmas tree, and the instructions are fairly kid-friendly.

From Better Homes and Gardens:

Upcycle an egg carton to create jingle bell roses for your Christmas tree. Cut off the lid of a cardboard egg carton, then cut around each individual egg cup (use the photo for reference). Cut leaf shapes from the flat cardboard pieces. Paint each egg cup red; paint leaves green. Use a yarn needle to poke a hole through the center of each egg cup and through one end of each leaf. Thread the needle with yarn and string on three leaves. Referring to the photo, poke the needle through the egg cup, thread on a jingle bell, and poke the needle back through the egg cup. Add three more leaves to the yarn, and trim the yarn to desired length. Tie the ends in a knot to create a hanging loop.
Editor’s Tip: We love the way red flowers look on a faux white tree. If you have a traditional green tree, paint the egg cups white to create a snowy look.

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